Stars of Ngare Employment

We are inspired every day by our amazing candidates and feel priviledged to work with them on their journey.

Lola McDowell

After raising my daughter’s, I needed to get back into the world and Ngare Employment helped me do that by finding the training and employment with MSS Security almost 4 years ago.

Ngare has supported me from the beginning to today and that support had been done by some amazingly caring people like no other.

I am honoured and blessed to have met them, albeit via email and phone. Thank you Ngare, you are the best employment agency I have had to deal with and that is because talking to your worker’s was like talking to a good friend who worked professionally at all times.  A credit to Ngare.

Geri Lamont-Stanfield & Steve Mantell

We were two young mine workers who met at a Western Qld mine site as we were both leaving the short term contracted job we had been at for the last 3 months.  And that’s been both our problems, we always end up with short term contracted positions with the hope that a fulltime becomes available. It was not to be until we heard of Ngare Employment and how the lovely ladies Fran & Amity accepted us.

Thanks to Ngare Employment & Strike Force Training we are now Security Officers, with a 12-month contract with MSS Security. As a couple we pushed and supported each other, as individuals we both have high expectations of oneself, so we had a lot of fun and became top students.

Angel Phillips

In 2018/19 I started working with Ngare for an indigenous trainee role in security after moving from SA to NT.

 The Ngare team worked with me and supported me ready for a role in the security industry.

 I have been with MSS Security for just over a year now, working on numerous sites. I am currently doing DIDO (drive in/drive out. 7 days on, 7 days off) security at a mine site.Ngare have been a huge support in helping me gain this role and any support needed along the was given.

Thanks heaps Ngare!

Bevan Gray

I’m rapt with my current circumstances given just 12 months ago I was living from my car with no work, no future and no hope.

All erased today thanks to the opportunity Ngare have presented me with.

Today I have my own unit, lots of work, great colleagues, excellent bosses and superb support from Ngare. Life is good!!

Many, many thanks again.

Ben Smith-Dyball

“Thanks to Ngare I have been able to settle into a job that pushes my limits both mentally and physically, in a challenging way of course, I have been enhancing my current skills & gaining new knowledge.

 Thank you Ngare Team! 

 Keep up the amazing work.

Jane Rigney

Arley Moore

Work could not be any better I’m loving it to bits. The people I’m working with are great!

Nemehia Dai

Abi Harun

Ngare Employment was so supportive to me during and after training , even during my first few months of employment.

Danielle Passlow

Ngare supported me with awesomely timed check ins.  Great way to start in a new industry. 100% support through everything from natural disasters to every day. 

Daniellle is pictured with the legendary “Dr Karl”, Karl Kruszelnicki an author and a science commentator on Australian radio and television.

Trent Munro

Ngare helped Kickstart my career so thank you. 

Richard McMillan

I started at MSS security not knowing how it would be, but after working with MSS it has changed my life. Made new friends and enjoy my work. I found my career job and will most likely stay until I retire. Thank you Ngare for the opportunity.  

Shaun Woods-Atkinson

My work in security is going very well, thank you Ngare, I look forward to learning as much as I can and appreciate Ngare checking in with me all the time for support.”

Lacynda Edgerton

My journey, like most, hasn’t been easy. I was in a bad place within life itself. But I woke up one morning and decided that it was time to make a change. I needed to fight to get my life back and more importantly get myself back. In order to help myself I needed a job but not just any old job. I wanted a job that I knew I would love, something I was passionate about and that’s helping others and helping my community in any way I can.

I wanted to be a security officer so I could protect people and feel as that I’m giving back in some way or another. I reached out to Ngare Employment who helped and believed in me.  So a BIG thank you to NGARE EMPLOYMENT for all your help and for never giving up on me!

Roger Eyles

With the help of Ngare Employment supporting my job searching I was successful and joined MSS Security in July 2019.

Since starting at MSS, I have actually started enjoying work again, Ngare’s mentor contacts me regularly and I feel like I’m not so stressed out anymore. I have a set roster and because of this I can plan time with my family and can budget my money.

In my previous employment I was on call, worked all sorts of hours, and didn’t have time to plan anything like family trips etc. I have a better quality of life and feel proud of my uniform.

I work in the Hospitals, so I have an important job and am a good role model for my people.

Chelsea Drover

Ngare Employment has given me the chance to not only work but to strive in a job I can make a career out of. I am excited to see what the future holds for me with Ngare Employment supporting me along the way.

Justin Mongta

Clayton Pickett

Ngare & MSS have been very supportive of me and my life outside of work. MSS have continued to give me an opportunity to develop myself and I feel I have become a valued member of the team.

Tara Carriage

Stephen Ingram

Stephen is a very worthy recipient of the inaugural Employee of the Month award at the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Stephen has been trained as a back-up shift supervisor and his performance and attitude on the bridge is something that most should aspire to. Stephen is a very reliable security officer and valued member of the team at the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Glenn Robertson
Business Manager – Client Services

Bradley Warburton

My name is Bradley Warburton and I identify as indigenous through my Father’s side. I grew up in Katanning Western Australia but have travelled most of our beautiful and wonderful country and its Territories.

After reaching out to Ngare Employment they have helped me move on from that time to find a place back in the community putting my Security background to a useful purpose again.

I would like to thank Ngare Employment for the help they have given me to find both these types of work in the Security Industry.

Words can not express how grateful I am to Ngare Employment. The support they have given me is truly remarkable, because of them I have full time employment. More importantly the support I have received has helped me through some hard times. The job can be stressful and knowing that I have someone I can talk to anytime has made it so much easier to deal with and the fact they check in and see how I’m doing really shows they care. I can’t thank Ngare enough for all they have done for me. 

– Andrew Ross

Gladys Lee

Ngare & MSS gave me the opportunity to grow from a Security Officer to a Security Emergency Officer, I love my job as an SEO. I feel like I have professionally and personally developed in this challenging position.

 MSS is a diverse company and all the staff members from colleagues to Management are encouraging, supportive and positive.

Amy Coyne

Shyan Webb

Daniel Cavanagh

Tom Reuben-McCoy

Richard & Kane McMillan

(Father & Son)

I started off applying for a licence and my son Kane was having no luck with work so I convinced him to get a security licence with me. With the help and support from Ngare we were able to get our licences and meet the requirements.

Kane’s licence came be for mine. He started work before me and now we both are with MSS Security and enjoying coming to work every day is something new.

With all the continued support from Ngare Kane and I can do what’s needed to be able to do the job requested of us.

Thank you to Ngare and Mss for the opportunity to be a part of team that gets the support that’s needed.

Patrick Farkas

Laura Russell-Godwin

Joshua Bujnowski

Hayden Carney

Without Ngare Employment I’m not sure on what sort of job I would be working in. Ngare helped me, and put into the right direction towards MSS which got me the job at the U.S EMBASSY.

I truly believe you guys helped me find my calling with this job.

Jarmain Barry

Its with great honour that I have been chosen to represent Ngare, because without there support I wouldn’t have ended up with the professional training that I needed to be able to obtain a security licence. This has given me a professional security position on a minesite. They stood by me in all aspects from the training to the job and offered support through the whole process.

Nick Hills

Tamara Polsen

Adeyemi Wright

Thanks to the very helpful people at Ngare, I was able to complete my Cert 2 in Security to obtain my security and crowd control licenses to land myself a job with MSS Security.

Through MSS I am contracted by WAPOL working at various police sites which keeps everything safe and interesting for me.

Ngare could not have been any more helpful with the assistance they provided throughout the process from first point of contact right through to the interview stages. With numerous check-ins along the way and even months after commencing work to make sure I’m finding everything well, they’re definitely not ones to leave you on your own which I can’t thank them enough for.

Jane Martin

A big thank you to the team at Ngare for finding me work and for all the support they have provided and continue to provide.

Roy Alick

Thanks Ngare Employment, what a journey it has been for me!

You could call this a sea change. Who would have thought from mental health worker, Chef , and now Security Restraint Guard, never discount what you think is the limit.

Tyler Booth

Leeham Rawlins

Lex Orso

It’s been an amazing journey and great opportunity to have got the experience to do security work as a career path.

I  wouldn’t have gotten here without the help of Ngare Employment, Thanks

Kerry Petty

Emma Waters

Alan Penola

With the help of Ngare and the wonderful people there over the last year and a bit, I’ve been able to find a great job with Wilson Security and now I’m just one more step in the direction of pursuing a career I’ve been wanting to do for a long time and I’ve couldn’t of done with the help of these guys.