Indigenous Recruitment

Our team is highly experienced in the design and implementation of Indigenous recruitment programs, from one-off placements through to ongoing national campaigns. Collectively we have placed hundreds of Indigenous candidates in a wide range of roles with a very high retention rate.

Our programs, either individually or in concert are aimed at not only finding you the perfect candidate, but also retaining that candidate.

We offer a range of services to assist your Indigenous recruitment objectives that include:


Recruitment Services


Work Readiness Program


Pre-Employment Program


Mentoring Program


Culural Awareness Training


Indigenous Employment Plans

Our Process

In collaboration with your HR / Recruitment team we will establish your internal recruitment process and the criteria we need to address for each Candidate. This can include:


Individual or bulk application submissions


Number of reference check required


Format for applications


Number of interviews

To successfully recruit the best possible candidates for you our team will engage with your HR / Recruitment team to gain a clear understanding of the type of candidates you would like to employ. This can include specific qualifications, any suitable experience and type of personality.

You can be confident that the candidates we provide will have been thoroughly screened for their attitude as well as aptitude before they are presented to you. We have a number of processes to ensure that the candidates we source are appropriate for you, and that candidates will be satisfied in the role. This minimises candidate attrition.

For each of the Candidates we submit, you will receive a “Candidate Pack” which can include:




Interview Notes


Reference Checks


Qualifications & Tickets (as applicable)

Vocational Training & Employment Centre (VTEC)

A Vocational Training and Employment Centre (VTEC) connects Indigenous job seekers with a guaranteed job for 26 weeks.

The guarantee of a job before job-specific training starts, is the key feature of VTECs. This ensures:



Job seekers choose to participate in the program


Vocational or job-specific training is directly related to available jobs


Employers can recruit job seekers with the right skills for specific jobs


The commitment of job seekers is rewarded with guaranteed employment.

VTECs work closely with services, individuals and communities to identify, train and support Indigenous people into jobs and achieve long-term employment outcomes.

VTECs work with employers, employment services and Indigenous communities to identify jobs and establish training requirements. During a guaranteed work placement of 26 weeks, VTECs provide wrap-around support for the employee, at no cost to the employer.

VTECs work with job seekers to prepare them for a guaranteed job for 26 weeks. This ensures job seekers have the skills to succeed in the job and training meets the needs of the employer.

Employer Benefits


Diversity in your workforce


No charge for recruitment or support services


Up to $10,000.00 Indigenous Wage Subsidy

VTEC – 5 Phase Approach

1. Community Engagement – Engaging with Indigenous communities and building work aspirations among Indigenous job seekers.

2. Work Readiness – Strengthening the capacity of Indigenous job seekers and addressing barriers to employment.

3. Vocational Training – Preparing Indigenous job seekers for a specific job in line with an employers’ requirements.

4. Guaranteed Job – Creating a mutual commitment between job seekers and employers through a guaranteed job for 26 weeks.

5. Post-Placement Support – Focussing on employee retention, which could include employee mentoring and cultural awareness support for employers.

Areas of Operation

We currently have a national VTEC for a few selected clients and a local VTEC covering clients on the northside of Brisbane.

VTEC – How it Works

Ngare Employment Solutions has a direct contract with NIAA to provide recruitment and support services to our Clients.

Clients engage Ngare Employment Solutions to recruit Indigenous staff at no charge to the client.

Ngare Employment Solutions provides ongoing support to the newly plassed job seekers.

Employment Parity Initiative (EPI)

The Employment Parity Initiative aims to increase the number of large Australian companies with a workforce reflective of the size of the working age Indigenous population – expected to reach 3% by 2018. Specifically, the programme aims to get 20,000 more Indigenous job seekers into jobs by 2020.

Large national employers will be invited by the Prime Minister to become parity employers by increasing the level of Indigenous employees within their organisation.

Getting more Indigenous Australians into work is one of the Government’s highest priorities under the Indigenous Advancement Strategy, along with ensuring children attend school every day and that communities are safe.

The National Indigenous Australians Agency will administer the Employment Parity Initiative and offer tailored contracts to parity employers with payments linked directly to outcomes. This recognises the additional costs of employing and supporting disadvantaged job seekers. To reduce business red-tape, there will be minimal reporting required.

The Employment Parity Initiative will leverage the business expertise, goodwill and networks of companies involved, providing a platform to share experience and knowledge. Employers will also be encouraged to incorporate more Indigenous businesses into their supply chains.

Why is the Employment Parity Initiative good for large businesses?

The Initiative provides payments to large employers to cover the additional costs that are typically associated with employing and retaining long-term unemployed, disadvantaged Indigenous job seekers. Contracts are simple and tailored to the circumstances of the employer, spanning a period of four years. Flexible, long-term arrangements provide employers with funding certainty to do what is needed to source and retain job seekers, and through that achieve employment parity.

How does the Employment Parity Initiative minimise red tape for businesses?

Parity employers are only paid an outcome fee when an eligible employee hired under the programme achieves a minimum term of employment with the organisation. Reporting burden and administration is also minimised through simple, quarterly reports. This, in conjunction with long-term contracts, allows employers to focus on recruiting and retaining job seekers.

How are Employment Parity Initiative contracts negotiated?

Each contract under the Employment Parity Initiative will be individually negotiated with the National Indigenous Australians Agency and reflect the individual circumstances of the business. Personal service from senior staff within the Department supports all negotiations.

Primary considerations for contract terms include: the track record of the organisation in Indigenous employment; the relative level of disadvantage of the job seekers being employed; the types of positions being offered; as well as their locations.

How is the Employment Parity Initiative going to achieve real jobs for Indigenous Australians?

Australia’s major employers have the goodwill and ability to employ a large number of Indigenous Australians. The Employment Parity Initiative will build on this goodwill to achieve large scale employment outcomes.

The Employment Parity Initiative does not reward commitments but real, long-term outcomes. Employers will only receive an outcome fee when an eligible employee hired under the programme achieves a minimum term of employment with the organisation. This approach generates a strong incentive for parity employers to meet contractual obligations.

EPI – How it Works

The Employer negotiates a contract directly with NIAA that includes committed numbers.

The Employer then sub-contracts the recruitment, training & retention services to Ngare Employment Solutions.

The Employer is responsible for their commitment to NIAA.

EPI – How We Can Help


Internal & External Planning


Drafting of the EPI application for NIAA


Recruitment, Mentoring and any other services for the successful execution of the program.

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